We live at 13103 Sherman Drive Hudson Florida
34667. It's located in North Hudson off of County
Line Road.
We worked for the State of Florida, DOT
Heavy Equipment in Pinellas County until
we moved
to Hudson in 1998.
We wanted to be closer to home
to take care of the animals.
The Day Begins At The Facility
My day begin"s at 4:00am every morning. After the
first cup of coffee, I am out side to the facility by
4:30am tending to the animals. The raccoons cages
need to be hosed down and their water pools need
to be cleaned and filled with fresh water. Then
everyone has cat food and dog food for breakfast
and sometimes peanuts and marsh mellows as
treats. Now it's time for the squirrels, flying squirrels
and opossums. They are given food and fresh water
also. The ducks need to be let out of their pen and
fed. Their pond is filled with fresh water. Next it's off
to the horse stall that needs to be cleaned. Food and
hay is given. Inside the house we have a  nursery set
up with baby animals. Formula needs to be mix and
heated. Baby bottles are filled and feeding begins.
Then it's time to get ready for work. I love what I do
and would not have it any other way.

                                        The Cost
I go through approx. 150 lbs of cat and dog food a
week to feed the outside animals.(cost $100)  When
the babies start coming in the spring time, we go
through up to three cans of KMR formula a week.
(cost $50) Peanuts, carrots, lettuce, meat, bird food
etc have to be bought.  A housing that is 8' x 16' x 8'
high cost $500. Our yearly budget is between $8000
and $10,000 a year. We receive half of that from the
generous donations from concern citizens. The other
half comes from our pockets.

If you would like to donate,  cash, gift cards from
lumber and grocery stores are needed. We also
have an account set up at any GTE Federal Credit
Union under the name Florida Wildlife Alternatives.
You can mail a donation to Florida Wildlife
Alternatives, 13103 Sherman Drive, Hudson Fla.
Florida Wildlife Alternatives
About Us
We all have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the wildlife. They are
being lost as we expand our own living space. Please support us in the humane care
and relocation of wildlife that are being displaced by destruction of their habitats.
In Loving Memory Of My Brother
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09-17-1953 / 05-10-2008
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