Florida Wildlife Alternatives - Gizmo's Page
My Name Is Gizmo And I Love My Mom And Dad.
To everyone who wants to know
about living with a raccoon. They
tell me a dog is man's best friend? I
am going to explain why I am going
to change that to a raccoon is a
man's best friend.
Now sometimes I can get myself into
a lot of trouble. I found a feathered
pillow and just had a ball ripping it
apart and throwing the feathers every
where. When mom and dad walked
into the room you should have seen
the look on their face's. It wasn't my
fault. They forgot to put it away and
left it on the bed. I really had fun with
that pillow.
I forgot to mention the kitchen fun. One day
they forgot to lock the draws in the kitchen. I
had so much fun looking into every draw and
pulling everything out. Just at the time when I
thought I had looked at everything I got busted.
Mom and Dad walked in and caught me in the
act. I got into a lot of trouble for this one.
I have many places to sleep. My chair and coffee table are nice during the
day. But the best place is at night with my dad. I will curl up on his pillow and
he puts his arm around me. We both start to purr. ( I think he calls it snoring)
I Am The Mascot Of This Facility. This Is How We Started.
I was found one day in some bails of hay and I was cold and hungry. I haven't had anything to eat or drink in two or three days. I didn't know what to do.
My mom never made it back to me. Al and Laurie picked me up and wrapped a towel around me. It was nice and warm. They brought me back to their
home and gave me something called KMR Kitten formula. It was pretty good tasting stuff. As I grew stronger, I liked playing with them. I would chase
them around the house and they would chase me. I sometimes would sneak up on them and jump in the air really high and then I would run away fast.
Sometimes they would give me a bath and I would make a big mess with the water. As I grew bigger, they brought me to a doctor who gave me a
bunch of shots and then I fell asleep. They say I almost died from some bone disorder when I was a baby. But when I woke up I was really sore. (You
know where) I was tired and sore for days. Now I am all grown up. I weight 38 lbs and I am a male. I like sleeping on a saddle they have in the house
but I like sitting at the window and wait for them to come home. I also like taking a nap in this basket they have. I like wrestling with my dad every night
and they both still chase me around they house. I like sitting on my dad's shoulder when he is on the couch because sometimes he has things to eat or
he will rub my back so softly that I will fall sound asleep. I also like when they take me for a ride in their truck because I get to hang my head out the
window. I am so happy they found me that day. I love them so much for taken care of me. That's why I call them my Mom and Dad.
My dad made me stand here and
he took a picture of my hands.
He said he wanted to explain to
everyone why you should never
approach a wild raccoon. My
nails are approx 1" long and are
hooked at the ends. They are
made to climb trees, defend my
self and are made to rip things
My Beautiful Gizmo Passed Away January 16 2014
You came into our world, just born and alone
You were so beautiful like a precious stone
A voice spoke to us and said please take care of my child
We picked you up and brought you home with a smile
It was touch and go in the beginning as sickness set in
We kept you warm against our skin
But you were tough and beat the odds
Like a private council to the gods
And you opened your eye's to see for the first the life you had begun
You looked at us and said hi, I'm your son
You grew up strong and to us you conveyed
To take care of your kind and show them the way
We brought joy to each other's life's
You loved sitting at the window looking at the night lights
And as we grew old together
We would keep each other warm in the winter weather
Laughing and playing along the way
We laugh as we notice how much we were turning grey
But we knew a time would come that one of us would part
To leave this world leaving memories of the heart
You were my Gizmo, my best friend
And I will love you to my end

I wrote this poem for Gizmo