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I am approx seven years old and was brought to Florida Wildlife Alternatives five years ago by FWC. I was being held and miss treated by people and was forced
to take these awful drugs until I was rescued. I cannot be released and was going to be put to sleep because of my nature. Al and Laurie saved me. They always
talk nice to me and always say I love you. I now have a loving home and love having my back scratch.

Please mention my name Rocky
Monthly Foster Donation
This is our foster parent adoption page. These animals cannot be release back out
into the wild because of their injuries or being human imprinted. If you would like
to be a foster parent for one of these beautiful animals  please click the PayPal
button or e-mail us and let us know.
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Note: These animals cannot be taken home.
I am two years old born 06-20-2008. I was hit by a car while crossing the road with my mother one morning. I could not get up from the road and someone saved
me and brought me to a clinic. They called Al and Laurie and they brought me to Dr. Ned Szempruch of Three Oaks Veterinary and they tried to save my leg but
couldn't. I live at Florida Wildlife Alternatives and I have this big place to play in. That's me standing up eating my birthday apples and corn on the cob from Publix.

Please mention my name Casey
Monthly Foster Donation
I am seven years old and I am a female. Since Al and Laurie rescued me I never wanted to leave. I could not be released back out into the wild.  I play with Al and
Laurie and run around my cage when they are cleaning and giving me fresh water. I love kids and being feed marsh mellows. I never wanted to be wild and will
jump in Al and Laurie's lap when they let me. My hair on my tail never grew out. They say it's a nervous condition. I don't feel nervous. I get fresh water and food
every morning and night and love my home. They are my mom and dad.

Please mention my name Spooky
Monthly Foster Donation
My Name Is Rocky
My Name Is Casey
My Name Is Spooky
My Name Is Bambi
My Name is Sweet Pea