We take care of Florida's wildlife. From orphaned baby raccoons, rabbits, birds, fox, deer, squirrels and
opossums to any injured animal that comes our way. We house and rehabilitate Florida's wildlife. Our
objective is to give a home to all of Florida's injured wildlife and rehabilitate the animals in need so they
can be released back out into the wild. We try to release the animals close to where they come from but
we also have a place 22  miles alway to release the animals. Law Enforcement will at times bring an
animal to us or we are called out to help with a rescue and bring it back to our facility.  A Veterinarian is
in place for all emergency's and routine examination's. We also have educational animals that we enjoy
bringing to church or school  functions for children to learn and respect the beauty of mother nature.
These animals can not be released back out into the wild.  Everything we do comes from our pockets
and your donations. We receive no Federal, State or County funding.  We hope you enjoy this web site
for your educational purpose and viewing.
Welcome To Florida Wildlife Alternatives
Wildlife Alert Report Violators
Call FWC at 1-888-404-3922
Note: We do not recommend anyone having a wild animal for a pet. It is very dangerous for
yourself, children and illegal by law. You have to have permission and all the proper permits from
the Florida Wildlife Commission. We have spent many years in training and handling these
animals and have devoted our lives with the care of Florida's wildlife.  
All The Wildlife That Comes To
This Facility  Are Taken Care Of By
Dr. Ned Szempruch And Staff
During Working Hours. They Do An
Amazing Job.
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Ardyn V. Cuchel Attorney at Law
Is A Supporter Of This Facility
And Loves Wildlife
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Laws Have To Change
Please Never Forget Zorra
Concern Citizens of Pasco County near Daddy'o Donuts rescued this
Gopher Turtle that was hit by a car. A veterinarian gave antibiotics and
placed cream on the wound. We got the turtle home and Laurie and friends
placed a fiber glass cloth and attached it to the shell over the wound to keep
it clean. The little guy is doing great.
Remember To Love and Take
Care Of Our Wildlife. They Need
All Our Help.
Always make sure you
guard your lollipop
Suck a Tail
King Arthur
Sweet Pea
Miracle (Lost his home)
The whole Gang
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Florida Chapter
Political Action for Animals
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We need your help
Good bye my beautiful boy. I love you so much. Wait for me.
This baby rabbit was rescued by concern citizens
but pasted away in Laurie's hands.
A baby raccoon was rescued by a concern citizen of
Pasco County. She is eating and doing fine. Thank
you for rescuing her